We take compliance to a higher level in football

About us

We are professionals with a passion for football, but also with a broad experience, gained at various (inter)national financial institutions, in the field of auditcomplianceconsultancy & risk management. We are acquainted with applicable laws and regulations regarding anti-money laundering, bribery and corruption, counter-terrorist financing and sanctions.

Any change can be realized when the will is there. By using our knowledge and experience, we strive to create awareness and insight at professional football organizations and thus take compliance to a higher level.


We support football clubs and associations in the field of compliance. With our knowledge and experience, we create insights into the various relevant aspects in a clear and practical manner. Our services can minimize time-consuming activities and provide the necessary insights into multiple areas, allowing our customers to focus on their day-to-day operations.

Club review

We can perform a full review of relevant integrity aspects such as ID&V, structure, source of funds, geographical risks, screening, etc. in order to gain more insight. We request, check and analyze the required information.

We can also focus on one (or more) aspects from the full review. Together we determine the need and framework within which we conduct our research and whether this is required once or periodically.


It is important to understand who you are doing ‘business’ with and to check whether there are any potential risks associated with the relationship. We can check whether there is bad-press on any person through screening.

The screening results can exclude whether a person (or legal entity) appears on sanction lists, is involved in terrorism, has interests in offshore, is a PEP (or associated with) and we look at other integrity aspects.

Compliance advice

We can support football clubs with compliance related requests from financial institutions. They are obliged to perform client due diligence periodically and when entering into a new relationship.

This can be quite ‘in depth’ because a professional football club is considered ‘High’ risk by most financial institutions. We understand where the focus lies and offer support to make these processes run smoothly.


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